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Acer aspire desktop computer: Advanced computer skills

Assembling the PC on the knee – our old national folk fun but, at the present time Acer aspire desktop computer is made the change. However, the times are changing, for the computer in a certain sense. This is still not “a car for lying under its hood, but a means of transportation.”

Acer aspire desktop computer
Acer aspire desktop computer

Productive habit tracker

Habit is a great thing. Since the beginning of the emergence of a more or less civilized computer market in our country. There is still a persistent tradition of self-assembly of computers, especially if this is an Acer aspire desktop computer PC purchased by a user for the first time in his life. You can understand specialists and fans that, before buying each component of their computer, repeatedly examine the characteristics and test results of new products. You can understand the managers of the IT departments of enterprises. Who instruct their employees to purchase wholesale components for retrofitting existing systems?

However, quite often no more than frank amazement is caused by the attempts of citizens, who do not understand. This technique is the best Acer aspire desktop computer. To contact their neighbors or work colleagues with a request to help “gather something on their knees” for the first acquaintance with a PC.

In this case Acer aspire desktop computer, of course, you want cheap and angry, and it does not matter that these concepts are often simply incompatible. It’s good if the computer master, turned up under the arm, is really an expert in his business. There are cases when not only a competent hardware and software bundle is a misfortune, it happens that the “bad specialist” is not really friends with a screwdriver.

Best methods

The typical result of such methods of “first acquaintance with an Acer aspire desktop computer”. This is predictable: in the case, extra bolts that sooner or later fall on the contact tracks rollover. The monitors periodically “either goes out, goes out”. The mood because of the ineptly spent money was spoiled for months in advance, eventually the seller of incompatible iron (who, of course, didn’t have the slightest idea what they were going to combine with) ended up in the extreme, Uncle Liu, who collected at his Chinese factory it is insanely cheap (but fundamentally not working), or, at worst, Bill Gates. It is necessary to accuse Acer aspire desktop computer someone of their short-sightedness.

What is a desktop computer?

Do not think that in this material, using the example of Acer aspire desktop computer are ready-made system opposed to “self-assembly”, the traditional in such cases ode to “trademarks” versus the domestic “screwdriver” assembly will be sung. There are many advantages and disadvantages in any case; moreover, there has been a new intermediate market for so-called barebones systems for several years in a row. However, really Acer aspire desktop computer is it not easier for an ordinary home or office user to buy a ready-made system and not to bother later on with the compatibility of components and legwork with warranty cards for a dozen of instances?

Let’s be realistic:

Cool gamers, scientists and other users who need non-standard desktop devices are orders of magnitude smaller than modern an Acer aspire desktop computer. These PC users who put a computer on a par with acquiring a vacuum cleaner, TV, bicycle and cell phone. Worldwide, DIY markets (Do It Yourself, that is, “does it yourself”) and ready-made systems for work, not for experimentation, have long and firmly demarcated. Even in our country, along with the supply of well-known foreign trademarks. Over the past few years, several domestic “brands” have established themselves. Whose products have long been unrelated to the “knee” assembly?

Advantages of such products abound:

Continuous factory assembly of pre-selected and tested components, pre-sale bench testing, and certification. The disadvantages of the best Acer aspire desktop computer approach have traditionally been called the insufficient choice of ready-made configurations and the high price of “branded” devices. However, the current realities are such that no self-respecting company will allow itself to market products without first examining the demand and finding out what the buyer really needs and how too much he is willing to pay for Acer aspire desktop computer. That is why, perhaps, the time has come to pay more attention to ready-made versions of computers. Fortunately, positive examples of the use of such systems have recently become more and more.

Acer aspire desktop computer
Acer aspire desktop computer

Acer computer manufacturer

The subject of our research today is the Acer ready-to-use desktop computer system Acer aspire desktop computer. First shown in spring 2004 and appearing in retail in the middle of summer. Acer products are known for a long time. Starting at one time as a manufacturer of various components. Acer Computers eventually became one of the well-known global brands. The number of subsidiaries still supplying chips and various components under new brands is now difficult to account for. Who, if not to such a large industrial conglomerate, is engaged in the production of ready-made systems on their own (in most cases) components?

Acer aspire performance

The desktop system Acer aspire desktop computer is a ready-made solution “for the home” – at least, it is said on the Russian mirror of the company’s website. About offices, as a target group, there is no mention. Indeed, the testing system based on the processor of the Intel Pentium 4 has a performance that exceeds the needs of the average office, but do not forget that the Acer aspire desktop computer. Its contain solutions based on the Celeron processors, which have quite adequate prices at quite sufficient performance. In other words, the positioning of the best Aspire system line seems to me to be broader, in the form of a universal solution for the local market.

Brand quality

Choosing a chipset for the Acer aspire desktop computer does not happen. The chipset with integrated video allows you to create a fairly balanced and functional system at no extra cost. At the same time, support of all processor versions is guaranteed. Pentium 4 and Celeron for Socket 478, including FSB up to 800 MHz and support for Hyper-Threading technology, and the integrated graphics performance is enough to work with most office and “home” applications.

However Acer aspire desktop computer, if the capabilities of the integrated graphics chip are not enough, the options of the system with already pre-installed discrete graphics are at your service. For example, in the case of the system being tested, there was a modest (in modern times), but quite modern, video card on the ATI Radeon 9600SE chip with 128 MB of its own graphics memory. In addition, Acer aspire desktop computer, the user is not limited to further expanding the functionality of the system due to the presence of PCI and AGP slots, there would be a desire.

Design and performance

The Acer aspire desktop computer is packaged in a tidy, mini tower form factor with stylish colors. The front panel is made in silver tone, the designers preferred to present the side and top panels in strict black. In full compliance with the overall style, the floppy drive, card reader, interface connector panel and the front panel of the optical drive are made in black. By the way, despite the fact that the CRT monitor is the typical choice of a display for the best Aspire computing system. The Acer LCD monitor in a black case (abundant in the company’s model range) comes with a very elegant combination in a single finished style.

Acer aspire desktop computer
Acer aspire desktop computer

Retrofitting of structures

I don’t think that most home users will need to install another device in the 5.25-inch bay since the optical drive and universal flash card reader is already in the standard package. In the event of such a need, the user has one free compartment typical of Mini Tower enclosures. By the way, about the possibilities of retrofitting the system: in addition, Acer aspire desktop computer. Installing a more efficient processor, a more capacious and/or additional hard drive, additional memory or a discrete video card, Acer also practices the optional delivery of a system with a TV tuner adapted to the Russian broadcast system SECAM. In the older models of the company’s systems. For example, in the Aspire computer, the presence of such a tuner is standard.

Interfaces definition

Commenting on the usability of the Acer aspire desktop computer, I would like to note the presence of the main interfaces on the front panel. To connect headphones or a microphone, the user does not need to search for the corresponding connectors on the rear plane of the system; everything is displayed on the front panel. There are also a couple of USB connectors for quick connection of a scanner, printer, and camera.

It is also worth noting that when designing the front panel. Acer aspire desktop computer engineers thoughtfully approached the system configuration, which is why the front panel of the device. For working with flashcards is equipped with a 4-pin version of the FireWire interface, which is usually. The most popular for operational purposes.

The back part of the Acer aspire desktop computer system is traditionally reserved for interface expanse. It has everything that most home users need, including a LAN connector, built-in modem, and audio interfaces. If there is a need or desire to connect a built-in ADSL modem or other peripherals. You can always use free PCI slots or, in the case of using external devices, use multiple USB ports.

Let us finish the visual inspection of the system by photographing a fragment of the upper left corner of the left side of the system. It has a sticker with the name of the computer and the components of this Acer aspire desktop computer. This particular system is indicated in the required order. A kind of passport computer, which lists its main characteristics.

Layout components

The internal layout of the system does not cause any special emotions: standard elements of the strapping are enough. An Acer aspire desktop computer motherboard with passive cooling systems. On the chipset bridges, a regular cooler on the processor.

Standard flat cables are used in the system’s strapping. Which is tied together during installation into a single “communication hub”? Due to which the internal space of the case looks quite spacious. In short, it is a typical layout for the Mini Tower case, made with the economical use of fasteners.

Inside knowledge

Finish the study of the inside of the PC with a photo of a regular power supply system. The rated power of this component is normalized at 200 W, which is quite enough to power the already installed Acer aspire desktop computer components available. However, it may not be enough when trying to seriously upgrade the system. We look at how the power of the channel, which is most critical for the system upgrade, is normalized. Indeed, +12 V is only 10 A, which confirms the above assumption: for a serious system update (for example, installing a top-end processor or video card). You will also have to say goodbye to a regular power supply unit, replacing it with something more substantial.

Keyboard and mouse converter

Just a few words about the supplied peripherals Acer aspire desktop computer – the keyboard and mouse. The keyboard has a set of keys of a standard Windows system. Its only differences from similar inexpensive twin brothers are in a pleasant design of the case and a color selected by the general style of the system. No special comments on ergonomics and convenience: the usual convenient tool for everyday work, without gadgets.

The mouse that came to us for testing complete with the Acer aspire desktop computer system was somewhat surprised by the fact that it was an archaic constructive with a ball. And no longer an optical manipulator corresponding to the current times. Not sure what it was worth saving on such a manipulator. Because the price difference between these types of mice is now a few cents. For the sake of fairness, Acer aspire desktop computer body. I noted that on the company’s website, an optical mouse is indicated as a standard part of the delivery.

In conclusion, we present to your attention a photo of the Acer aspire desktop computer system in full set. This is with optional speakers and an Acer monitor.

To whom as, and the complete set LCD monitor with the black case like a little more. This option, by the way, is also available for delivery.

Framework solutions

It is clear that the performance of the budget Acer aspire desktop computer PC, positioned. The supplier as an “entry-level system focused on novice users,” is unlikely to be its most powerful place. Rather, it is more appropriate to talk about the ratio of price and component compliance with modern requirements for solutions to this class. Therefore, within the framework of this material, we decided to refrain from publishing any figures.

Fortunately, the performance of the Acer aspire desktop computer system. These are the best-reviewed in this review roughly fits into the standard framework for such solutions. I think that everyone, if they wish, can decide on the approximate performance of systems of similar configuration, referring. For example, to our detailed material on testing systems on chipsets for Socket 478 processors.

Performance of the Acer aspire desktop computer is quite typical for entry-level systems. To perform the daily tasks of such a configuration is more than enough. To achieve any breakthroughs you will have to think about improvements. The purchase of additional memory, graphics card or processor (along with the new power supply).

Summarize written text

Summing up our brief acquaintance with the entry-level desktop. These systems are Acer aspire desktop computer manufactured by Acer Computers. I would like to note that if you wish, you can, of course, independently assemble something similar on your knee. True, you will have to run around looking for similar components, and if you want to collect something in the same style. Then run very hard, plus, take care to search for an inexpensive, licensed OEM version of MS Windows XP Home. The sale of which is, that is Acer aspire desktop computer, without ready PC is prohibited.

The result will be a hill of dissimilar “hardware” that has yet to be made to make money with each other. This is a bundle of dissimilar checks and warranty cards from different places, with which you will have to run around different instances. Now it makes sense to arm yourself with a calculator, calculates how much it cost you to buy. Your iron slide with a licensed operating system. And then compare the result with the price of a similar configuration from the price list of the representative office of Acer aspire desktop computer.

Acer aspire desktop computer
Acer aspire desktop computer

Final conclusion

I do not argue, in some cases of the best Acer aspire desktop computer is the independent assembly of a PC. This is an independent and even intimate matter, not to mention all upgrades of the existing systems. However, consider whether the game is worth the trouble when it comes to buying a new PC. Especially for a novice user who is familiar with a computer only from TV shows and magazines?

Is it time in such cases to move on to the usual practice of buying ready-made systems, as is done in the case of purchasing the rest of electronic equipment “for the home, for the family” – a TV, laptop or mobile phone? It is hoped that the civilized market for the acquisition of ready-made by Acer aspire desktop computer. The class systems will eventually come to the computer market. For the number of newbies and users. We want to use such systems for their intended purpose, and not engage in “tambourine dances”.

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