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Best External Hard Disk

As any genuine gadget geek should know, backing up your information in the best external hard disk is a fundamental piece of precaution. Mishaps can and do occur. It provides you improved performance and enhances the storage capacity of your computer. This increases portability and give you not only instant but offline access as well. They are more secure to keep since they are not on cloud. Do not risk your laptopperformance for a few bucks. If you are in an awe that which external hard disks are best for your laptops, please go through this article.

Which brand of external hard disk is the best?

The following external hard disks are best to use that are not only lower in price but also high in quality.

Toshiba Portable External Hard Drive

Toshiba Portable External Hard Drive

The Toshiba portable external hard disk is a sleek and smart design yet stores and saves all your data effectively. This hard disk is as perfect as a time machine drive. If you plug it on your computer and you get busy somewhere and do not use it, it will be off which is amazing. It has a cord to connect it with your gadget to transfer the data. It works with standard USB as well as both 2.0 and 3.0. There can be a message when you go to format it for the first time that the device is not compatible. However, rebooting the console would work in that case.

  • Product Specifications:
  1. Transfer rate: five gigabytes per second.
  2. Plug and Play.
  3. One-year Toshiba warranty provided to consumers.
      • Pros:
      1. It needs no program to install.
      2. It adds more capacity to your laptops and computers.
    • Cons:
    1. There could be issues of slow performance.
    2. The transfer rate could be slow if you are doing it with memory sticks.
    3. There could be trouble to find disk utility.
    4. This hard disk is not a solid-state drive.
    5. The internal hard drive does not have a SATA connector inside.
Seagate Backup Plus Hub

Seagate Backup Plus Hub 8TB External Hard Drive:

The Seagate backup plus external hard disk is designed to store all user data in a very effective way. Suitable for every type of operating system either Mac or windows. It can even charge mobile devices and can transfer data from even USB cameras and thumb drives. The backup plus hub is made up of SMR, which is called as shingled magnetic recording. The biggest advantage of this technology is that it can allow large physical bytes without decreasing it, that too in the same space.

    • Product Specifications:
    1. Two-year limited warranty provided to consumers.
    2. This hard disk is compatible with both Mac and Windows.
    3. It comes with two USB 3.0 ports.
    • Pros:
    1. Large drive capacity is supported.
    2. Higher density of this hard disk makes it easier to write things fast.
    3. Inexpensive to generate in larger capacities.
    4. This hard disk does not get too hot.
    • Cons:
    1. There could be issues with random writes, which can be slow.
    2. Writing speed could be highly variable.
    3. It could be little noisy when in use.
    4. It could disconnect without the user input during the transfer.
Western Digital Portable External Hard Drive

Western Digital Secure Portable External Hard Drive:

The western digital secure portable external hard disk is one of the secure options to store and save data. It is available in different colors and aesthetics. Reformatting is needed when you are using Mac while it is formatted for windows. The package has an application guide that explains everything in detail. The size of the hard disk is relatively small hence increases portability. Faster than previous versions. This is well suited for those who do not want a drive that will need a separate power source. It is sometimes annoying to stumbling over wires or cleaning the dust from that power source. It also has AES hardware encryption that is optional to go for. It is safe to say that it is one of the best external hard disks at the budget price.

    • Product Specifications:
    1. Three-year warranty has been provided to facilitate the customers.
    2. Application guide.
    3. It has 3.0 USB port.
    • Pros:
    1. It does automatic cloud and local backups.
    2. Higher storage is available.
    • Cons:
    1. USB cords could be smaller than expected.
    2. There could be issues with windows 10 while using this hard disk.
    3. There could be capability issues when using WD software across local networks.
LaCie Rugged Mini 5TB External Hard Drive

LaCie Rugged Mini 5TB External Hard Drive:

The LaCie rugged mini 5TB external hard disk is favorable to carry it anywhere due to its compact and smart design. Suitable for both Windows and MAC users. A hard disk that runs so fast and smooth. It offers durability against scratches, raindrops and other penetrations. Highly recommended for undergraduates and professionals who want an extra device to save data every now and then. It is safe to say that it is one of the best external hard disks; one could ever buy at the budget price.

  • Product Specifications:
  1. Transfer rate up to one hundred and thirty MB/s
  2. LaCie provides two-year warranty to facilitate their customers.
  3. One-month access to Adobe apps for both photo and video editing.
    • Pros:
    1. The size is compact which increases portability.
    2. Protects from every kind of resistance either hard or rough.
    3. Greater storage capacity, easy to use and runs smooth.
    • Cons:
    1. There could be issues of slowness.
    2. Leaving it plugged to your gadget could cause issues.
    3. Touching or accidentally bumping the computer, to which the hard disk is attached, could cause the disconnection.
WD 8TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive

WD 8TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive:

The WD 8TB Elements desktop hard disk requires an external power source to function. However, speed is double than the other hard disks whether you are reading or writing. Price is the second attraction to facilitate customers. This hard disk is easy to use as the setup is nothing but snap. The overall performance of the device is great. For Mac users, it will require formatting. There is an online page, which can help users going through it. The device is undoubtedly reliable and flexible. A great deal to make among other brands.

    • Product Specifications:
    1. Fast speed of data transfer.
    2. Plug and play.
    3. This hard disk provides two-year warranty to furnish the customers.
    4. Higher storage space.
    • Pros:
    1. Price is less compare to storage space.
    2. The speed of the device is quite great while back and forth transferring the data.
    3. Enclosure is smooth and quiet.
    • Cons:
    1. A separate power source is needed to operate the hard disk, which could cause wiring clutter.
    2. There could be boot-up latency.
    3. It could spin in idle state.
    4. The drive could be noisy sometimes.
    5. There could be heating issues with this item.
Transcend StoreJet 25M3C

Transcend Portable Hard Disk Drive:

The Transcend portable hard disk drive is designed for providing backups for your data. The drive is one of the most durable drives. It offers a quick transfer rate if you are transferring the data back and forth the gadget. It also provides a feature to lock certain files on to the disk, which increases security in case you need to share it with anyone else. The size of the device is compact hence makes it easier to carry. Its installation is nothing but just plug and play. Storage capacity can satisfy even heavier users who are into games. Infect, this hard disk is the great value for your hard-earned money making it one of the best external hard disk.

  • Product Specifications:
  1. This hard disk has USB cord 3.0.
  2. It comes with rubber case which helps avoid friction in case of anyone drops it.
  3. Single touch auto backup option is provided.
  4. It offers durability, lower in cost and larger storage capacity.
    • Pros:
    1. This hard disk is designed as “shock-proof” or military proof.
    2. Its performance is quite better than other Seagate hard disks.
    • Cons:
    1. There could be issues in formatting if you are a Mac user. The process could be slow.
    2. There is no any online link or tutorial available, There could be issues with handling if you are doing it for the first time.
    3. There could be issues with the device automatically plugging and unplugging to the computer.
WD 2TB My Passport Ultra Blue

Western Digital Portable External Hard Drive:

The Western Digital portable external hard disk is available in beautiful and vibrant colors. It does not get heat up upon usage and the vibration of this hard disk is comparatively low. It consumes power to a lesser extent and provides good reading and writing transfer speed. The package comes with the software of both encryption and backup. This external hard disk is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, reformatting may be required for Mac. It is lightweight and sleek. It offers great storage space and portability. The device performs well. The size is small and compact, which makes it easier to carry everywhere. It is safe to say that, it one of the best external hard disks in the offered price to buy.

    • Product Specifications:
    1. It comes with three-year warranty to facilitate the customers.
    2. It comes with WD software for importing cloud and social media storage.
    3. It comes with auto backup option.
      • Pros:
      1. Inexpensive option to choose if you want to store your valuable data.
      2. It looks great in the appearance.
      3. The data cable’s quality is awesome.
      • Cons:
      1. There could be a format required if you connect it to any android device since it is unable to support NTFS file system.
      2. It could be delicate to handle.
      3. This hard disk could hang sometimes.
      4. There could be compatibility issues when using it with smart television.
Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB

Seagate Backup Plus Slim External Hard Drive:

The Seagate backup plus slim external hard disk can save and access all your data, compatible with both Mac and Windows. The design is aesthetic and stylish. The consumer can format to NTFS, which is smooth, and user-friendly. The hard disk is small hence easier to carry. The noise is less compared to other hard disks available in different brands. The transfer speed is quite fast. The upper case of the hard disk is made with aluminum. The color combinations are great and appealing. By far one of the best external hard disk at the offered price.

  • Product Specifications:
  1. Plug and play.
  2. Three-year warranty has been provided to facilitate the customers.
  3. You can schedule the backup either daily/weekly/monthly.
    • Pros:
    1. The transfer speed is nearly 120 Megabytes while transferring 57 Gigabytes of data, which is quite great.
    2. This hard disk offers huge storage in a compact size.
    • Cons:
    1. For using it with Time Machine, backups could be required.
    2. It has exFAT format system, which could cause issues with transfer speed.
    3. Full format could be painful since it could take hours.
    4. There could be heating issues with this item.

The external hard disks are often used as backup storage and for improved performance of the computer. The external hard drives are savage especially when the space in the internal hard disk is about to end. However, should you really wait to see the space is running out? You need to have one in advance in case of any incident as well.Such as errant espresso cups can be tossed over workstations, pets can kicklaptopsfrom the tables andvoltage fluctuations can damagenot only computer hard drivesbut also any other thing inside. A lot can happen when you are least expecting it.So, why not keeping your laptops safe by buying one external hard disk from the manufacturer listed above.

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