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ASUS VivoBook S Thin & Light Laptop

Best Laptops for College Students

Every college students need a laptop. At present, it is all most impossible to complete study without a laptop. The laptop is very essential for preparing notes, presentation, calculation, etc. To collect study materials from the internet you must have a laptop. Laptops are an Integral part for all major. We know that most of [...]
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Top 10 Apple MacBook air under $1000

We all know Apple does not have comparisons to make laptops and mobile. They bring new products every year to create the market stir. Apple’s product quality is a lot better. Although the price is a little higher. So many people agreed to pay a little price for good quality goods. Below we’ve hired 10 […]

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Gaming Laptop

Best Gaming Laptops in 2018 under $1000.

Best Gaming Laptops in 2018 Are you thinking of buying gaming laptops? Think of a budget as well? The things that are very important for gaming laptops are: 1. Laptop Processors: Upgrades of processors will be as easy as playing games. We recommend that at least Core i7 is good. 2. RAM: If you buy […]

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