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New Canon EOS Rebel T6i and T6S – Review

Canon EOS Rebel T6i SLR Camera;
Canon EOS Rebel T6i SLR Camera

Canon EOS Rebel T6i and Canon EOS Rebel T6s are almost identical cameras that use the same internal components but are “sharpened” for a slightly different target audience. T6s has some cosmetic differences and slightly more advanced features, such as manual exposure, digital zoom, and others. But in terms of photography and video quality, the results are almost the same, so in this review, they are considered in parallel.

SLR Cameras Canon EOS Rebel T6i and T6S

The cameras from the EOS Rebel series are not only popular entry-level consumer DSLRs but also boast excellent workout. These use the brand new 24.2-megapixel APS-C sensor. And what else is nice, these are the first Rebel models with built-in Wi-Fi and NFC. The Canon T6i (costing customers about $ 750) is a kind of new stage in the development of the T5I camera (which is also representative of the most affordable cameras). But for an extra $ 100, it is possible to purchase T6s. These T6s uses the same body but has several features targeted at enthusiasts. Will Canon maintain its leading position in the current competition in the camera market with interchangeable lenses and is it worth the T6s of its money?

Canon EOS Rebel T6i SLR Camera
Canon EOS Rebel T6i SLR Camera

Features and design of Canon EOS Rebel T6i and T6S

SLRs are basically all alike, and Canon, of course, is no exception. While the T6i is reminiscent of the Rebel predecessors from the affordable price range, the T6s are more like enthusiast cameras like the EOS 70D. The main reason is the monochrome LCD display on the top panel, which displays information about the settings and parameters. The T6s also got more settings for working with the image, while the T6i is more likely to be used for everyday shots.

Even despite the similarity of indicators, T6s seems somewhat weighty. In the hands of the camera there is a little wider, and generally more convenient. However, the dimensions of the devices are the same – 13.21×10.16×7.874 cm (without a lens) and the weight is about 567 grams with a battery and a memory card.

Canon Rebel T6i Amazon

Canon EOS Rebel T6i SLR Camera
Canon EOS Rebel T6i SLR Camera

The T6i comes with two lens kit options and the T6s with one. For about $ 850, it is possible to get an EOS Rebel T6I with an EF-S 18-55 mm f / 3.5-5.6 IS STM lens. Also for $ 1049 a kit is available with an EF-S 18-135 mm f / 3.5-5.6 IS STM; the same lens comes with the EOS Rebel T6s, and this kit will cost you $ 1,149. The difference between the two lenses is the focal range. So, 18-135 mm gives you a larger zoom.

If the plans have a separate acquisition of lenses ($ 250 for the EF-S 18-55 mm and $ 550 for the EF-S 18-135 mm), the difference in their cost will be $ 300. In this situation, if the budget allows, it is more expedient to purchase the second option. Also, some sellers may offer two lenses at once in the kit, so you can search for this option.

Canon Rebel T6i Bundle

Canon EOS Rebel T6i SLR Camera
Canon EOS Rebel T6i SLR Camera

Both cameras have a Canon EF mount that is compatible with the lenses not only of the company but also of most third-party manufacturers. There is also a button for detaching the lens, adjusting the depth of field, a preview button, a remote capture sensor, as well as a self-timer indicator and red-eye reduction. Indeed, what distinguishes both models is the top. As mentioned, this camera has an LCD display on the right side. Next to it is the setting of modes (with a locking mechanism that is not in the Canon EOS Rebel T6i), as well as a video on/off lever on the left side.

There are buttons for ISO, select the autofocus area, the shutter button, and the wheel settings. The Rebel T6s also has a button that turns on the display backlight. The Rebel T6i has a Wi-Fi indicator in this place. Both cameras have similar modes: Smart Auto, PASM, Scene (five options), sport, macro, landscape, portrait, special effects and flash off.

Canon EOS Rebel T6S Quality

Canon EOS Rebel T6s Digital SLR
Canon EOS Rebel T6s Digital SLR

The back panel of the devices is quite similar: 82x optical viewfinder, 3-inch swivel touch screen (1,040K pixels). The display brightness is basically quite sufficient, but in bright daylight, there is a desire to increase it a little. The touch screen makes it easy to navigate the menu and make changes. The viewfinder is quite convenient despite the fact that it is rather small compared to more expensive DSLRs. Buttons and controls for both T6s and T6i are slightly different in location. Also, T6s has an additional controller located around the joystick, while the Canon EOS Rebel T6i doesn’t have one.

The right panel has an SD card slot, and the left has two sealed compartments. At the bottom are tripod mount, NFC and battery compartment. The supplied power supply allows you to take 550 shots without using a flash. This is enough for shooting during the day but less than with DSLR cameras that are fully focused on enthusiasts. The advantage is that for ordinary users there is no need to purchase a spare battery.

Canon EOS Rebel DSLRs

Compared to enthusiast DSLRs, the Canon T6s has similar features. The upper monochrome LCD display, Quick Control Dial, mode dial lock to prevent accidental switching during shooting. But the SLR for enthusiasts has a rigid structure and some protection from the weather. In addition, they have large viewfinders, as well as other pro-oriented features and better performance. While the T6s is partly focused on this audience, the camera is still typical of the Rebel series, that is, a device for beginners only.

Package Canon EOS Rebel T6S

Canon EOS Rebel T6s Digital SLR
Canon EOS Rebel T6s Digital SLR

Regardless of the kit, all Canon EOS Rebel T6s cameras come with a battery, charger, strap and USB cable. Canon also packs a printed instruction manual (200 pages), a CD with various programs for processing RAW files and managing images. The second disc duplicates the manual.

Canon EOS Rebel T6I and T6S warranty

Canon offers a standard year warranty on parts and service. You can also choose an extended warranty plan called Carapace Plus, which covers accidental damage, and the user gets the opportunity to consult with company specialists. Although these cameras are entry-level, they are still quite expensive. However, Canon provides an excellent maintenance program, as an inexperienced user of the equipment often has minor troubles, and it is worth it.

Performance and specifications of Canon EOS Rebel T6S

The latest models also use the new Digit 6 processor, so the cameras are quite responsive (5 frames per second). Hybrid autofocus works quickly, without causing any problems. The color rendition of pictures is very accurate, the saturation and also pleases.

The cameras have ISO 100-12800 ranges, but on the T6s it can be expanded to 25600. In general, these T6s has many configuration options; here the camera surpasses these cameras, the sensitivity results of both cameras showed good, although with 24 MP it was a bit of noise at ISO 3200 and 6400. It is necessary to significantly increase the shots so that such flaws become noticeable, so problems with shooting in low light should not arise, especially with a good lens.

Canon EOS Rebel T6S Video

As for the video, it’s not clear why, but Canon remains faithful to 1080 / 30p resolution when competitors are already switching to 1080 / 60p or even more advanced formats. This is depressing because the T6s has interesting features for shooting videos, manual exposure control, and a microphone connector, but the quality is still low. Also, some problems appear with a focus when the light intensity changes. In general, the footage looks good, but not brilliant.

New cameras Rebel received modules Wi-Fi / NFC, which is a step forward for the series. The company also updated the Camera Window application to Canon Camera Connect. Unfortunately, until now, Canon cannot boast of ease of connection via Wi-Fi. Here you have to read the manual to get an idea of ​​ Canon T6i how everything should work correctly. The same is true for NFC. As soon as we establish a connection, it becomes possible to exchange images between devices, use a smartphone to control the camera, and even change some settings.

Total Case

The Canon EOS Rebel T6i and T6s are capable of capturing really great photos and videos. The photo continues to be the basis for Rebel, but the video can already be quite good. New evolutionary models, radically different from the Canon T5I. However, these are very good cameras and should sell well.

Canon EOS Rebel T6s Digital SLR
Canon EOS Rebel T6s Digital SLR

We prefer the T6s, but the T6i will also be a pretty good device for many photographers making the transition from an old DSLR or compact camera. Nevertheless, there is a solid competition in this segment, including the Sony A6000 and Nikon D5500, if you are a novice photographer, you can’t go wrong by choosing T6i / T6s.


  • Excellent picture quality
  • New 24 megapixel sensor
  • Availability of Wi-Fi / NFC
  • Fast autofocus


  • 30p video is no longer so relevant
  • Weak viewfinder
  • Wireless sync would be worth it


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