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Dk Explore 3D World Atlas Learning Power Pack Price: $5.99 (as of 10/08/2020 12:45 PST- Details)

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The ultimate resource to study the why of where.Product InformationA powerful reference tool bining the story of the people places and eventsthat shaped our world with the study of how geography natural resources andgeopolitics affects it all! How have nations’ destinies been affected by the luck of their naturalresources climate and terrain?  How have natural boundaries such asoceans mountains deserts played a role in either isolating nations fromprogress and globalization or protecting nations from hostile invasion?Product Titles Included Eyewitness 3D World Atlas Eyewitness History of the World 2.0Product OverviewEyewitness 3D World AtlasRevised and updated to reflect current world events this program containsextensive demographic information an almanac and the cultural and politicalcoverage of an encyclopedia.  As a 3D reference it also coverstopographical issues from the global “big picture” to the smallestterritory.  You can view the world through pelling cartographic mapsdazzling images and exciting 3D graphics.Visually stunning information: Use maps at different scales Study countries in different stages of development Analyze distribution of population resources and economic activities Use different data types: statistics graphs and charts Study environmental issuesDiscover in-depth dynamic geographical information: Bio-climatic Zones Environment Natural Disasters Landscape Formation Global Climate Continental DriftMaps General:  World map illustrating international borders and countries with over 400000 town and city names. Satellite:  Map shows international borders and countries with their physical features. Physical:  Physical map showing the forces that shape the Earth’s surface; tectonic plates volcanoes and impact craters. Bio-Geographic:  A map of the Earth’s bio-geographic zones. Earth By Night:  Shows a satellite view of lights from cities across the world.Featur
Virtual rendering bring the world to life in astonishing 3D
Country overviews bring you climate, population, economics and other useful statistics
Latitude/longitude coordinates for every location on the planet
Easy measuring tools give you the distance between any two points in the world
Copy or print out maps, text or graphics

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