Learn Hindi online: Read, write, speak and understand Hindi. Get instant access and start today. Rocket Hindi has 120+ hours of lessons. Mac, PC, Android & iOS

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Why learn Hindi with Rocket Hindi? Because it works!

We’ve developed a Hindi learning system that is based on scientific methods & practical success strategies polyglots use.

This comprehensive Hindi learning system doesn’t only teach you the words, it also teaches you how the Hindi language actually works.

Your Rocket Hindi course includes:

Interactive Audio Lessons: Rocket Hindi Level 1 has over 60 hours of Hindi lessons with interactive audio. They are designed so you can learn Hindi anytime you are on the go.

Hindi Language & Culture Lessons: Rocket Hindi Level 1 includes over 60 hours of Language & Culture lessons. You will not only discover Hindi grammar and Hindi verbs but also access audio tracks of thousands of common Hindi vocabulary.

Reinforcement Testing: Each lesson in Rocket Hindi has a variety of tests, with scientific algorithms designed to enhance your recall in a different way. This all ties into your own personalized progress tracking system, keeping you on the path to mastery!

Voice Recognition: Rocket Record, our Hindi voice recognition tool, lets you record yourself and gives you speech-to-text feedback. You’ll practice speaking out loud and improve your Hindi pronunciation.

Unlimited 24/7 lifetime online access to our team of Hindi teachers, native speakers & fellow Hindi enthusiasts. They will answer all your questions & be with you every step of the way.

Hindi learning app: Use Rocket Hindi anywhere at any time with our mobile app for iOS/Android.

Personalized progress tracking with our points & badges system. Rocket Hindi includes a range of activities & features that will keep you engaged, motivated & on track to master Hindi.

HINDI FOR BEGINNERS: Online Hindi language-learning course, app for iOS/Android included. Learn Hindi in the most effective way possible – in your own time and at your own pace!
START LEARNING HINDI TODAY: Once payment has cleared, we’ll send you redemption instructions for your Rocket Hindi course in an email (look out for a Buyer/Seller Message in your Amazon Message Center).
YOUR ROADMAP TO HINDI MASTERY: Learn Hindi in the most effective way possible with the Rocket Languages Mastery Method. Interactive Audio lessons, voice recognition technology, reinforcement tests, and more useful tools guarantee your success!
GET LIFETIME ONLINE ACCESS: For a one-off payment, you’ll get over 120 hours of online lessons and free updates for life! You can log into your course online (through a browser) or through our mobile app.
PROVEN TO WORK: Join over 1.2 million people who have successfully learned Hindi with Rocket Hindi. Like them, you will be able to proudly say “I speak Hindi.”

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