Stock Harbor Laptop Desk with Real Cup Holder

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This lap desk / monitor stand is constructed of 100% authentic bamboo, a durable, renewable and sustainable material. The multi-functional, heavy duty slide out cup holder takes the worry and stress away from accidental spills that could ruin your hard work or damage your sensitive electronic devices. Designed and engineered for large 30 oz. tumblers, coffee mugs, juice glasses, water bottles, soda or beer cans and bottles or your favorite beverage. Also serves as a convenient storage container for your mouse, pens, pencils or other office needs. Quality designed and engineered in Arkansas, USA.

Stop pillow propping your laptop, books, or magazines! This adjustable height, folding versatile desk will easily adapt for use in bed, a recliner, couch, sofa, porch chair, and even on your existing desk top for an elevated standing position or monitor stand. Work, read, draw, sketch, paint, design, write in all your comfy spaces. Also perfect for children doing homework, an easy television or bed tray to enjoy your meals, coffee, breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner or supper. This beautiful piece of mobile furniture is sturdy enough to provide you with a secure work station that you can also fit in your bag or car.

So, whether you’re an on the go traveling professional, working from home, a teleworker or a student, you need a reliable lap desk workspace. Just say NO to hunching over that uncomfortable hotel or dorm room desk! This is the ideal study or work tool for all ranges of students and professionals. From kids doing homework or homeschooling to college university students studying for their finals in their dorm room. It’s also a very practical choice for lab work.

Make it easier to care for yourself or sick loved ones at the hospital or at home. Very handy to use during pregnancy. Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa will feel loved when you show your affection by gifting them this piece of fundamental furnishing.

FUNCTIONALITY: all new for our 2019 design includes improved material thickness and quality that significantly improves the user experience over previous designs. The heavy duty, innovative, and functional slide out cup holder / storage net provides a convenient place to allow users a hassle and spill free work area. The sliding cup holder was engineered large enough to accommodate 30 oz. tumblers, beverages, a mouse, pens, etc…
DURABILITY: this high quality 100% bamboo monitor stand ensures the stability needed for a steady and strong work space while easily accommodating large monitors and laptop computers up to 21 inches. Rely on bamboo material for an easy to clean surface. Much more durable than easy breaking plastic and glass stands. Great looking and eco-friendly unlike steel material.
VERSATILITY: smart design legs and adaptable angle work top provide the perfect positioning for reading, writing, drawing, studying, snacking, working, etc…. The convenient removable stopper on the work surface will keep your notebooks, magazines, books, laptop computer, tablet, phone, devices or accessories from sliding off. If additional work space is needed, the stopper can simply be removed and stored in its place under the desk surface to allow a large unobstructed work area.
PORTABILITY: extremely handy workstation folds down for easy storage and travel needs. Stick it in your bag and take it with you.
DIMENSIONS: Top Work Surface Height Adjustments from 7.9″ (20cm) to 11″ (28cm); Top Work Surface Area Size – 19.7″ (50cm) Wide x 11.8″ (30cm) Deep; 5 Adjustable Top Work Surface Angles – Positions from 0° (flat), 20°, 30°, 35°, 40° (perfect for book reading); Sliding Cup Holder – 3.15″ (8cm) Diameter x 3.5″ (9cm) Deep.

Hits: 7