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Why Get Left Behind In The Age Of The Internet?

If you’re a slow typist, there’s something you need to know. Slow typists are automatically rejected from many jobs, are less efficient at work, make fewer friends on social media, and often have painful RSI. If you use computers, then learning to touch type is THE most important investment you can make in yourself.

  • Earn More Money – Qualify for many more jobs than you currently do. Many people make typing a lucrative career.
  • Be Up-To-Date And Computer Literate – People will instantly recognize that you’re computer savvy. It feels good to master technology.
  • Save 4-47 Hours Per Month – Faster typing will save you between 4 and 47 hours per month. Spend more time with family, less on work.
  • Save Your Fingers – Bad typing technique is likely giving you painful RSI and inflammation. Correct typing can fix this.
  • Socialize Online – Tests show that faster typists can communicate 2-3 times more effectively in online social media.
  • Be Up To 63% More Efficient On The Job – Your new fast typing skills will save you so much time at work, people will be amazed at your efficiency.

Easy And Effective. Designed By Real Touch Typing Experts.

The most important thing to know about Typesy is that it really works. That’s because it was created by the world’s foremost typing experts. It’s the only program that’s scientifically designed to make learning to type fast and easy. We spent over 6 years of research in typing, motor learning, and computer science. The result? It’s now easy to type fast, get that dream job, and save your valuable time.

A Personal Coach Who Adapts To Your Unique Needs.

Typesy constantly monitors your progress and adapts to your needs. Each lesson is customized for your current skill level. This makes learning to touch type easy and fast. In just a few days, you’ll be chatting faster on social media, increasing efficiency at work, and reducing painful RSI.

Learn To Type While You Discover Amazing Facts.

The core Typesy courses are based on hundreds of scientifically designed exercises and tutorials. But that’s just the beginning. Typesy also uses a special technology that creates powerful typing exercises using any article on Wikipedia or thousands of other websites. You can also create your own lessons. You get better results, because while you’re typing you’re engaged and interested.

It’s Social. And It’s Cloud.

Typesy stores everything in the cloud and all your computers automatically stay in sync. You get unlimited installs on all your Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome machines. Start training on one computer, and continue right where you left off on the next. You can share typing exercises with friends, work in groups, and even share your success on Facebook.

Personal Help. From A Real Person.

Typesy uses the latest video technology to give you ultra-personal help. Gone are the days of quirky little computer characters that pop up and distract you. All your instruction comes from your personal trainer in stunning video quality. What’s more, Typesy combines video training with advanced computer typing exercises that bring results in days rather than months.

Learning To Type Is Now Fun And Automatic.

With Typesy, you get 16 powerful games and activities designed to make typing fun and automatic. Simply play the games for a few minutes each day and soon (usually within a few days) you’ll find yourself typing with faster speed and much higher accuracy. Each game is designed to eliminate specific weaknesses or hone certain skills. It’s now easier than ever to master fast and accurate touch typing.

Up To 5 Users. Perfect For The Whole Family.

Your Typesy access includes accounts for up to 5 users and no additional cost. Each user can install Typesy on multiple computers and has their own individual profile in the cloud. With Typesy the whole family can enjoy the benefits of amazing typing skills together.

Get Certified. Get Your Dream Job.

Typesy provides the industry’s most trusted typing certification program. And it’s all included with your copy of Typesy, with nothing more to pay. Once you complete the requirements, Typesy will work with our system to generate and print your personalized diploma. We even provide a free verification service for employers. Landing your dream job just got a lot easier.

Mac Minimum System Requirements: Mac Recommended System Requirements:
  • Processor:   Intel Core
  • RAM:   512 MB
  • Hard Disk:   200 MB
  • Video Card:   any NVIDIA or ATI graphics card
  • Supported OS:   Mac Yosemite 10.10, Mac Mavericks 10.9, Mac Mountain Lion 10.8, Mac Lion 10.7, Mac Snow Leopard 10.6

    Step-By-Step Video Instruction – to help you learn the correct typing technique, and make learning enjoyable.
    Scientifically designed typing exercises – to teach you fast typing in the shortest possible time.
    Social profile – to keep you motivated and engaged as you learn.
    Detailed reports – so you can see your progress and how best to improve.
    5 accounts included – so the whole family can learn together. Each account is good for 3 full years.

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